While NCDs – such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer - impact individuals and societies around the world, they have particularly devastating effects in low- and middle-income countries that are poorly equipped to act.

Nearly century ago, Lilly made a promise to make life better for people with diabetes. Today through the Lilly NCD Partnership, we remain true to that promise and are more determined than ever to help people at risk, healthcare workers, and governments better understand and manage diabetes.

A key part of Lilly’s corporate responsibility efforts, the Lilly NCD Partnership creates lasting value for people and communities. We work with global and national partners in Brazil, India, Mexico, and South Africa to discover sustainable, community-based models to improve diabetes care.

Our work employs a fact-based approach that benefits healthcare providers and people at risk of MDR-TB or diabetes. This operational framework includes three components:

Pilot new approaches to improve access to care and collect rigorous outcomes data

Transparently share data about what works - and what doesn’t - with governments, health experts, and others working in global health

Use evidence from our pilot projects to advocate for scale up of proven, cost-effective solutions for maximum benefit to people.


The Lilly NCD Partnership is an extension of Lilly’s corporate responsibility efforts but is closely integrated with the company’s core business. The program represents a modern approach to corporate responsibility known as “shared value.” Shared value is created when a business applies its unique assets and expertise to a pressing societal need in which the company has a vested interest.

This approach differs from traditional corporate responsibility, which is often built around compliance with environmental and social regulations, improving a corporation’s reputation, and unfocused charitable giving to a variety of causes frequently unrelated to the business.

the Lilly NCD Partnership
the Lilly NCD Partnership
What does the Lilly NCD Partnership hope to achieve?

“Lilly is making a major move toward the concept of creating ‘shared value.’ By investing in the healthcare infrastructure of countries that have the highest burden of diabetes, they are leveraging their assets and expertise to both drive business results and improve public health.”

Mark Kramer Founder and Managing Director, FSG, and Senior Fellow, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

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